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Thread: MMR not counting

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    MMR not counting

    Hi there.
    i've played two games in a row with two "double down" wins...
    After that, neither of the mmr gains have been updated to my profile.
    But today (after two days passed) i checked and the one of the games have counted, but just one of the wins.


    This bug happened to a lot of people...
    Will it be fixed with the mmr gain?

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    same problem here even made ticket. played solo mmr and doubled down.
    won game +50 mmr 4269 then played 2nd game and won +44 but instead of 4313 my mmr was 4263.steam bug 2.png
    ignore my party mmr games and watch only solo mmr thats over 4k

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    Having the same issue. MMR updates for all games but one. It's also a game I used a double down on. This was nearly five days ago now though. But the following match never gave me my +48. Also of note: mine was international ranked. I wouldn't care except that Ii plan to take my Int Ranked at end of season.

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