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Thread: Local Dev Script does not seem to be recognized in a custom lobby

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    Local Dev Script does not seem to be recognized in a custom lobby

    Trying to learn how to make bot scripts, I wanted to start small with simple rewrites on the item lists for certain default heroes. But for some reason, even when I booted up a custom lobby and selected "Local Dev Script," the bots seemed to be building like they normally would. I've got a copy of my "bots" folder uploaded here, so can someone tell me what exactly I'm missing?

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    first of all, welcome to bot scriptors

    As i found in your shared files in dropbox, u use some items with their general names like item_glimmer_cape or item_tranquil_boots. Since I work on item purchasing many mothns ago, if im not mistaken, Bots cannot buy combined items with their general names. instead, u need to purchase its components one by one. for example if your want to buy phase boot, u need to add item_boot once and item_blade_of_*** 2 times in main table( tableItemsToBuy ).

    notify me if your problem still exists.

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    After doing this and trying one or two other things, I got the files to override the default bots' item choices at least... but the actual purchasing logic isn't kicking in. So the bots I haven't touched are still carrying on normally, while the ones I tried to rewrite for do not buy anything from the list (not even starting items). I haven't really tinkered with the "ItemPurchaseThink" half of the files at all, so what do I need to fix there to actually get them to act?

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    unfortunately no one ever found a way to change the bots build without adding a whole new ItemPurchaseThink() script as far as i know.

    not sure, but maybe can still change them in the npc_heroes.txt file, like used to be done.

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