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Thread: Dota Crashing Multiple Times

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    Quote Originally Posted by nrowan View Post
    If anyone is tracking the original thread where I asked my question I figured I would respond with a final result. After many tests of drivers and other things I decided to do a full memtest on my memory. As soon as I started the memtest I got over 100 errors with all 4 sticks of memory in. I removed 2/4 and tested, passed, replaced the 2/4 with the other 2 sticks, passed again. I put the 2 I had out back in to make it all 4 again and it passed again. I was going to test each individually if I could get any to fail, but after my initial memtest failures I never got any again. My assumption is that reseating my memory fixed whatever issue I had. I did move so I also wonder if a bump or something jostled it.
    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    Inconsistent game dlls flops which generally points to faulty RAM / overclocking failure.
    That's the first line I responded with.
    I never stop just at that since it's something nobody wants to hear.
    As long as there are chances it's something else besides hardware, I state the options / usual suspects so that the user could potentially fix it himself.
    It should be a given that before complaining about application x crashing, you should test your PC stability.
    Anyway, glad you finally solved it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kendu View Post

    first of all, thank you very much for taking your time to have a look at my problems. Dota is my favorite game by far and it really makes me sad to be unable to play

    I uninstalled the intel wireless as suggested but it didnt work. When I tried invoker in training mode it froze again for 5 sec's (after spamming EMP's for like 2-3 minutes).

    In ranked games package loss was around 0-4 when freezing but it s mostly 0 (I dont think that s the problem) It also doesnt spike up when crashing, it stays at 0.

    I will put Win7 back on this PC and see if it helps.

    EDIT: So i cannot install WIN7 on my SSD cuz it s some special kind of SSD i dunno... That s what tech support told me So I installed Win10 again and the error persists. When I open the console after crash there are some messages but I m not sure if they are relevant. I have also attached the Program List for all the stuff that is running while I m playing DOta + Screenshot of my installed Programs + Screenshot of Nvdia inspector (GPU usage drops to 0% when game freezes) Well for some reason upload failed for nvdia inspectore screenshot...

    I skipped Vulkan support and just went into training mode with invoker. The game crashed to desktop after 3 emp's. After installing vulkan support it didnt crash to dekstop anymore but it s still freezing....

    Console after freeze:

    **** Unable to localize '#DOTA_RuneTooltip_Name' on panel 'RuneName'
    **** Unable to localize '#DOTA_RuneTooltip_Description' on panel 'RuneDescription'
    [SteamNetSockets] \src\steamnetworkingsockets\clientlib\../steamnetworking_statsutils.h (710) : Assertion Failed: relay ack was pended for 45009001 usec, cannot pack delay properly! usecNow=3b60755e, timestamp=38b1acf5, usecThen=38b1acf5
    [Client] CL: Receiving uncompressed update from server

    Looking forward to hear from you,
    Power Manager Version by Energenie - why is that installed? If it comes with some usb device / connection, unplug that thing!
    [Client] CL: Receiving uncompressed update from server - that's 100% network issue, just saying
    Nothing else there to work on. Test your PC stability:
    Quote Originally Posted by aveyo View Post
    you should not skip stability testing even on defaults - memtest86 and prime95 for at least 4 hours, along with furmark / 3dmark / heaven for at least 5 consecutive runs.
    You should also disable everything under Windows Settings - Gaming (Game Bar, Game DVR, Game Mode), disable Steam's own Broadcast and Sharing, and probably also clean reinstall Nvidia driver with just Driver + Physics (and HDMI Audio if you play on your TV I suppose).

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