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Thread: Dota Crashing Multiple Times

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    Dota Crashing Multiple Times

    I took a couple month break from Dota and when I came back I have experienced at least one crash every game and up to about 4 times in a game. More frequently as the game goes on. I also crash when playing against just the bots. I have attached many of the logs that include both bot games and ranked games.

    Ranked I seem to get packet issues, but as a heads up I have used ping -t during the game and see no packet loss from my computer when it happens. Bot games also crashing without this error seems like its not network. I also don't have internet connection issues elsewhere.
    226(325.071789): \src\steamnetworkingsockets\clientlib\../steamnetworking_statsutils.h (710) : Assertion Failed: relay ack was pended for 45068158 usec, cannot pack delay properly! usecNow=1348aa34, timestamp=1098fab6, usecThen=1098fab6

    I have updated all my windows/nvidia drivers and have researched drivers for motherboard, processor, lan, etc. All are updated to the latest. I never had crashing before this, which last time I played was June 2017 and played nearly every day before that. I have used the feature to "verify integrity of games files", still crashed, so I actually uninstalled dota 2 and reinstalled it completely. I have disabled my firewall as well to see and no luck.

    Edit: *** per another discussion I also added -dx11 to my launch options and bot game crashed.
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