Hello everybody! I ran into a DotA 2 error. I wrote a lot to the Steam support team, but I was sent here, so I will describe the entire problem 3 times. As everyone already knows on September 9, 2017 there was an unusual bug that did not accrue to people MMR, or undeservedly took away / gave, etc. At that time I played 2 games, the results of which really spoiled my mood. I tell the situation. I have 2724 MMR. I win the game (double-rank) (game for Troll Warlord), I get +50 MMR. I have 2774 MMR, which was displayed in the MMR-line. I win the next game (double-rank) (game for Slark). And then I see that after the match write 2724 (+50). And in the MMR-line the number 2724 is displayed. I lost 100 MMR for the victory (50, which took away for the VICTORY and 50, which did not give for the same VICTORY). Later, I found out that it was a bug and calmed down a bit. The next day I go to DotA 2 and see that I have not 2724 MMR, but 2774 MMR. It seems that the MMR has returned, but not all. It was necessary to return 100 MMR, and returned only 50 MMR. The support service tried to convince me that the automatic system can not be wrong, but I am sure of the opposite and now I will prove it. As you can see from the screenshots, there are 2 games that have the same MMR (2774) and both wins + double-rank. Now look at the screen game for Slark. Do you see something that is not clear? How so? In the history of games near this same game, he writes 2774 (+50), and in the post-match statistics of this game he writes 2724 (+50). That is, my 1 victory (double-rank) was simply ignored.
In general, I see two causes of system error:
1). The system did not take into account the presence of a double-rank and simply returned to me MMR for 2 usual games won (25 + 25 = 50, instead of 50 + 50 = 100).
2). The system simply did not take into account the fact that for some reason I lost the rating for the game I won, because I read many reviews, and more often people complained about the standing of the one in the same place, rather than on the decline MMR.
In the game for Slark, Huskar left the game after shedding the first blood.
I did not leave any game.
There was no bad connection.
All games were counted.
Proofs in the form of screenshots and dotabuff:
Troll - https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/3432210876
Slark - https://www.dotabuff.com/matches/3432327760
Screenshot 1-3: Even if you mathematically calculate the entire added and taken rating, in the total it is not the same, what is my MMR at the moment, it will always be lower by 50, because I did not get 50 MMR for the victory.
Screenshot 4-5: The game for Troll Warlord.
Screenshot 6-7: The game for Slark. 2724 (+50) - ??? (in screenshot 1 you see that 2774 (+50) MMR is written)
I just want my problem not to be bypassed! After all, this is really a bug in the system, developers can check everything themselves and understand that I'm right. Because of such small mistakes and the most common is the opinion that the developers do not care about their consumers and ordinary 1 person who has had an unpopular problem can not reach out to the developers and bring their thoughts to the masses!