Demonic Purge and Ether Blast have a special visual effect on their targets, where they create an image of the target that flails away.

This visual effect is based on the target's model. However, currently, it does not copy the target's model scale. This means it always uses the model's default size.

There are some units which have very quite small model scales, so when targeted by these 2 spells, huge images of them are created.

The worst cases are Spiderlings and Spiderites, who have a model scale of 0.3 and 0.23 respectively. These items create gigantic images of them. Other units which have a rather small scale are Necronomicon units (0.4/0.5/0.6), Familiars (0.66), Spirit Bear (0.65), Siege Creeps (0.65) and many others. In some cases, it's the opposite case, like the Greater Treants (1.25), where these abilities create too small images.

As a comparison, Echo Stomp and Arcana Coup de Grace, both of which also use this image-creating effect, do copy the target's model scale.