When you have multiple Spin Webs on the map, they all should have their looping sound on them. However, there are several issues with the loop sound, which occur upon destroying a web.

1. Place a couple of webs (best with some distance in between so they don't overlap)
2. Destroy one web, no matter which one

Result 1: Upon destroying the web, all webs lose their loop sound, except for one random web.

Repro cont. 1:
3. Search for the web which did not lose its loop sound in the above result
4. Destroy that specific spin web

Result 2: The loop sound of that web does not stop. It continues playing where the web was. In order for it to stop, you must destroy all existing webs first.

Repro cont. 2:
5. Place new webs anywhere

Result 3: Newly placed webs do not emit any sound. In order for new webs to play the loop sound, you must destroy all axisting webs first.