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Thread: [Broodmother] Make Spin Web create a field of free pathing, considered by path finder

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    [Broodmother] Make Spin Web create a field of free pathing, considered by path finder

    The current implementation of Spin Web's free pathing is clunky to use. As of now, Broodmother and her spiders completely ignore the webs when given move orders while outside the web. It's like they don't know the webs exist. They will take regular paths. Even if a web in between the destination point would speed it up by a lot, the web is completely ignored and not used when it is not within the default path. Vice versa, while inside the web, the spiders think like they have permanent free pathing like a hawk. If you click somewhere outside the web, they will move directly towards that point, even if there is an unpathable obstacle outside the web in the way. This causes for unoptimized pathings for the spiders, and can sometimes even get them stuck in a loop where they re-enter the web, just to leave it again, and so on.

    So, current issues:
    1. While outside the webs, spiders completely ignore the webs' existence and do not try to shorten their paths with webs which lie on the way to the targeted point
    2. While inside a web, spiders feel like birds and behave as if the entire map is covered in a gigantic web. They will ignore any obstacle outside the web, so that they may have to take sudden turns which ultimately prolongs the path.
    2.1. In the worst case, this can get them stuck in a loop at cliffs or dead ends, when after leaving the web, the new calculated path leads back into the web.

    Reason for why this all happens: Currently, the free pathing is completely depending on the buff the web places on the units. If the buff is present, the spiders ignore any obstacle. Upon losing the buff, they have to consider obstacles again. It's not dynamic at all, leading to the mentioned issues.

    Suggestion: Instead of relying on the status buff, make Spin Webs create a field of free-pathing for their owner and all spiders under their control.

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