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Thread: [Broodmother] Suggestions for some unused responses of Broodmother

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    [Broodmother] Suggestions for some unused responses of Broodmother

    1. This line could be used as a very rare kill response when the last hit is done by a Spiderling or a Spiderite, or with the Spiderling's Poison Sting
    1. broo_ability_spawn_05: "What a lovely brood."

    2. Broodmother currently has way too many responses for a cast order. Some of them should be used for their original purpose, as cast responses for Insatiable Hunger
    1. broo_ability_hunger_02: "My hunger burns."
    2. broo_ability_hunger_03: "Feeding time."
    3. broo_ability_hunger_04: "I'll drink you dry."
    4. broo_ability_hunger_05: "Come to mother!"
    5. broo_ability_hunger_06: "I'm coming for your life!"

    3. Broodmother also has some regular lines disabled. Why are these death responses not used?
    1. broo_death_11: "My eyes were bigger than my belly."
    2. broo_death_12: "These eyes cannot cry."
    3. broo_death_13: "The silken cord is cut."
    4. broo_death_14: "The spider…crushed."

    4. Some rare rune responses are unused. They are easy to understand and not too long, and thematically fitting. I don't see a reason to not have them enabled as rare rune responses.
    1. broo_doubdam_02: "My fangs pierce deep."
    2. broo_haste_02: "Death comes in on little spider feet."
    3. broo_regen_02: "A mother's love ever renewing."
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