I don't know where to post this thread and don't know whether this thread has been posted or not. Sorry I'm new!

I was wondering today that if we could merge our multiple accounts of dota2.

For example: suppose I got 3-4 accounts - UserID from 1st account, Dota2ID from 2nd account, Stats form 3rd account and Items(Tradeable/Non-Tradeable) from 4th account and merge them together.

Because I see most of people make multiple account because they aren't happy with their current account (may be because of MMR) and make new accounts but still use the old account for some items and other stuffs (like they don't want to loss the tickets and some Non-Tradeable old items).

What if there was an option for it to merge them (like we had for MMR) or an option to buy, it will be helpful to clean smurf accounts.

I know its sounds stupid but if this is possible it will be great. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say (Sorry for my English).