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Thread: September 19 Bot Update

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    to compliment the chatcallback, could we also get the bots to either ignore or avoid the area around a danger ping, instead of them assembling onto a danger ping?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisC View Post
    • Added InstallChatCallback( func ) which will cause func() to be called, which takes one parameter which is a table containing player_id, team_only, and string.
    Does this work for ActionImmediate_Chat()? It seems to only capture my chat, not bot chat. It'd be great if it could capture everything (including coaches) and we can filter them out if IsTeamPlayer() and IsPlayerBot()

    Side question:
    Why is player_id -1 on GetMostRecentPing() ? And what is player_id supposed to mean considering GetMostRecentPing() is a unit-scoped function?
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