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Thread: Command to create 1v1 solo mid bot match not working

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    Command to create 1v1 solo mid bot match not working

    Hey all!
    So we're trying to do some testing with our bots using a command to create a 1v1 solo mid game and populating the radiant roster with Linas. This is the command string we're using:

    sv_lan 1;sv_cheats 1;dota_bot_force_pick npc_dota_hero_lina,npc_dota_hero_lina,npc_dota_her o_lina,npc_dota_hero_lina;dota_start_ai_game 1;dota_force_gamemode 21;dota_bot_practice_script 0;dota_bot_match_solo 1;dota_bot_populate;map dota.bsp

    The problem is that the roster isn't populated and sends me to the hero pick section with all slots empty. Also, the game seems to start as an All-Pick match and not 1v1 solo mid as intended. Is there something wrong with the commands we're using and is there a better way of achieving this? Thanks!

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    There is an issue with hero selection at the moment. The current workaround for the hero selection issue is to have a human player on Radiant.
    AFAIK 1v1 Mid is not fully supported by bots yet. It might work if you set each bot to "NONE" except the mid one, but I haven't tested.
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