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Thread: Game watching in "Watch" tab not working for Uzbekistan

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    Game watching in "Watch" tab not working for Uzbekistan

    Hi. Players from Uzbekistan have experienced some issues with game watching. When I click watch tab and then choose a game to watch and load, loading background appears and then nothing happens. Game just does not load. In order to do something, I should kill DotA process in task manager. The same situation is with watching a game of any friend. It just does not load. It is not only me who experience this, there are hundreds of us here. I found out that DotA connects to Data is sent throughout the time any game is loading but is not received. It only receives few kilobytes at the beginning and then stop. Game keeps sending data but does not receive anything. So, game is not loaded. I have tried to contact my isp, where I was said that this ip is not blocked/restricted. What may be the reason?
    P.s. if I turn on VPN, e.g. surfeasy, then I am able to watch games. Without it, I am not. Waiting for your help! Ready to coordinate with you and send any information you need.
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