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Thread: Got 1 year ban, can't understand why

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gozuu View Post
    You don't have 10 accounts ready for ranked or you wouldn't be here whining about 1 account. Stop lying. Take your punishment instead of behaving like a 12 year old.
    You are clearly retarded. As i stated already i don't give a damn about that account, i'm not even asking to lift the ban, i'm just telling you that this way Dota 2 will be gone for good. Take me as example. I'm playing Dota since years, and i never bought a single account (i just made 9 smurfs for my own pleasure). One week ago, since Valve decided to punish me for no reason, i bought 2 new accounts, with THE ONLY PURPOSE to ruin games. Why? Because Valve dared to fuck with me.
    You don't realise that people want to be toxic, leave them be! Remove bans, remove low priority, even for ranked. If people want to feed on purpose is ok! If people want to flame is ok! Let people play. DotA 2 is losing population already, this is your last chance to save the game.

    Valve will always lose vs acc buyers, ruiners, griefers. If you can't beat them make them your allies, this is the obvious solution for Dota issues. You don't need to thank me.
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