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Thread: I can't believe that devs actually want new people to play this game...

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    I can't believe that devs actually want new people to play this game...

    So, I'm supposed to learn how to play by not being allowed to play all the heros? The logic is a little undercooked there but I see where they're coming from. I guess I'll just do some bot matches until I find a starter hero that fits. Oh wait, there's no filter for which heros are starter heros? Fine, I'll just do bot matches with random heros until I find a hero I can get stuff done with. Ok, after some trial and error, Centaur-dude really makes sense to me and I can reproducibly win against medium bots. Time for multiplayer. Oh wait, Centaur-dude isn't on the pre-approved list of starter heros? Fine. I'll look up a list somewhere online and alt-tab my way outta this. Wow, ALL of the starter heros completely suck compared to how immediately intuitive Centaur-dude was for me. This is a really hard decision. I don't want to play any of these heros. Ok, I guess Sniper-lady works. I would much rather have Centaur-dude compared to a fragile, old woman but I don't have a choice. I should try some bot matches with Sniper-lady so that I can actually do something in the game. Wow, I can't even win against medium bots with Sniper-lady. Oh well, she's the most intuitive out of the starter heros to me. Time for multiplayer. Why can't I select Sniper-lady? Someone else chose her? Wow, this is kinda starting to annoy me and I'm definitely not having any fun. The other players get to decide my hero for me? So much for free will. I'll just quit this game and try to find a new one where I can maybe choose Sniper-lady. Oh, I've been moved to the low-priority punishment pool and have to wait until next December to play because I just quit that match? Wow, the game devs really didn't think about noobs at all when they built this, did they? Ok, let's analyze our problem. There are 20 possible starter heros. So, in order to actually play my first game, I'm going to have to learn all 20 of the starter heros, since, if I don't, anyone can just steal the hero I know something about and then I'll be stuck waiting to play until 2047 for quitting games because I don't know anything about the hero that other users chose for me. It's too bad all the starter heros were harder to play than Centaur-dude because it's gonna take a while to learn all 20. Oh well, I have until next December...

    Also, apparently the low-priority punishment pool only allows for single draft, which means that I now have zero control over which heros I can play, let alone learn. Brand new and I'm already being punished. I guess it makes sense though. If you put all the infants in prison, then society won't have anyone left in it to commit crime. The only real way to ensure fair play is no play, which must be how DOTA 2 devs think noobs should play!

    Well done, devs! You've really thought this through all the way! Keep up the good work!
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