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Thread: Dota 2 Workshop Tools Still Freezing

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    Dota 2 Workshop Tools Still Freezing

    I still have the same bug that I had 2 years ago. And my hardware is completely different. Hammer freezes after creating a new map or opening an existing map and resizing a window.

    This is the dmp file I found in my steam folder. Although there is only one of them and there is a possibility that this crash doesnt even produce a dmp.

    I saw another guy experiencing same problem back 2 years ago >.> and posted in thread.
    Just says Hang Detected permanently.
    Its impossible to do anything with editor while having this bug.
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    Plenty of reasons for it to crash..

    - Launch options: -nod3d9ex -autoconfig_level 0
    tools mode should not be used in safe mode / with any render debug options

    - Avast! AV
    switch to a competent one such as Avira that does not screw Steam and games

    - Echobit\Evolve
    disable in-game overlay feature / add dota2.exe to it's ignore list / close before playing / uninstall

    - ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc\Sonic Suite 3
    close before playing / uninstall - it's a piece of crap anyway

    - verifier vfbasics vrfcore
    make sure appverif.exe is disabled for dota2.exe / uninstall Application Verifier from windows sdk

    - Wtsapi32
    disable Remote Desktop feature before playing

    - apphelp
    disable any compatibility options set for dota2.exe (and steam.exe)

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    One of these fixed it. Going to assume it was evolve since I already tried uninstalling avast. Thank you

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