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Thread: Delay on Sacred Arrow stun for heroes affected by Nightmare

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    Delay on Sacred Arrow stun for heroes affected by Nightmare

    I'm not sure if this is intended behavior, so I post this here. If the mechanic is working as intended, I would suggest a change, as it's counter-intuitive.

    If Miranas sacred arrow hits Clinkz while under the effect of Banes nightmare, he is able to use skeleton walk before the stun from sacred arrow is applied. You can see this occur in Game 3503506059 at about 2:15 game time in the top lane. I would expect this to also work on other heroes on abilities without cast time, although I did not verify that.

    Repro Steps:
    1. Nightmare Clinkz
    2. Launch Sacred Arrow at Clinkz, such that it hits before the Nightmare duration ends
    3. Spam ability hotkey for Skeleton walk on Clinkz

    Clinkz still gets stunned by Sacred arrow, but the Skeleton walk also takes effect.

    Expected Result:
    Nightmare gets removed due to taking damage from Sacred arrow. Simultaneously, the stun should be applied for the arrow hit. Consequently, Clinkz should not be able to cast any abilities.

    [Edit] Corrected "Ghost walk" to "Skeleton walk".
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