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Thread: Best Idea - Choose Role before find match

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    Lightbulb Best Idea - Choose Role before find match

    Dota 2 become super game if they do this
    players shoud choose their role befor find match
    so every match have 1 sup - 1 carry - 1 mid - 1 roam - 1 offlane - 1 jungler - or every ♥♥♥♥ing role
    for expamle , there is some check boxes
    ☐ Core ☐ support ☐ Roaming ☐ Mid ☐ Offlane ☐ Carry and . . .
    u check them if u can play
    and these factors apply to find match
    better gaming expreince
    Valve please do this
    this will save Dota 2 from dying
    guys if u accpet me share this discussion with ur friends and comment
    coz valve just read discussions that have more than 100 comments
    OR someone please translate my bad english to better one and Post it. thanks
    updated :
    __________________________________________________ ______
    Originally posted by I MUTE EVERYONE:
    This would only limit the game. I understand what you're trying to achieve, but I highly believe this change would only be met with recentment.

    To list a few problem:

    Scenario 1: Someone with the worst stats picks Carry.
    Problem: You are unable to pick carry yourself and must thus rely on him

    Scenario 2: Two people picks Carry. He picks Clinkz and Bounty // He picks PA after they picked CK // He picks PL and the enemy picks ES.
    Problem: Your carry fails to make good combinations or counters, or it's necessary for you to pick an extra carry

    Scenario 3: You are unable to pick LC because you already have a carry, but the enemy team just picked Huskar.
    Problem: Some carry heroes have more team roles than just being pure damage. Some support heroes have more team roles than just being pure support.

    Scenario 4: You select initiate. The lane combination however requires you to pick an extra support.
    Problem: You are now forced to follow a system rather than making a rational choice based on your own knowledge and experience.

    my replay :

    i just started the main Idea , and every new Idea have many problems that can improve
    sc 1 : i think there should be some new report meta that at the end of game we can have a report role for every match
    for example : every player have two button under hero icon in match detail
    for carry : [Good carry ] [ bad carry ]
    am played so bad in game and everybody in team click on [ bad carry ] after several reports his Carry score will decrese and he wont able to play carry for few days or just 24 hr or he only can play carry in Nomral match
    same as all roles
    roles should have score
    sc 2 : i think that part of my idea was bad , wich that role sup cant pick carry
    becuase we know all heros can play all roles
    so this role score is key of this soultion
    for example if a sup role wants to pick carry he need premison from mates
    he request picking sven , then 2 player should accept then he can pick it .
    guys this idea will change basicly the pick phase
    i think this Role score will fix many issues
    and Role score will be show in pick phase
    Carry : 5.6/10 Sup :7.8/10 Mid : 2.4/10 .. . .
    and this score is based on people [ good {role}] [ bad {role}]
    this idea is Raw , we should cook it togheter
    question : How will this save dota from dying? If anything it will just kill it. Queue times will be much longer, not to mention this will be highly exploitable.
    replay : more Queue Time but better quality . and i mean u can check 3 boxes
    like this :
    ■ Core ☐ support ■ Roaming ■ Mid ☐ Offlane ☐ Carry
    and its will be fine
    in best situation game will find in 3 min
    but if its took too long
    game will find with old factors
    comment : Okay stop right here.

    I think you are overthinking your idea right now. Of course every problem can be solved, but sometimes the best way to solve it is not to create it in the first place...
    Because you are now creating an ever increasing complex system (which there was no actual demand for in the first place) that will create more question marks the further you go for each point you adress.
    It's a downward spiral which will continously have more and more factors to consider, the player community, the game mechanics etc, until finally the eventual answer will be a No.

    Thank you for your enthusiasm tho
    replay : men
    this is very bad for Dota 2
    in pick phase u dont know what is ur mates role
    even if we dont force anything
    there should be an option that show ur Role just a simple GUI with no effect on picking
    but with Role Score may many problems fix
    we are not creating problems , there is problems already
    1. games with no support
    2. mid fights
    3. two jungler
    4. Random pick in last or 4nd pick
    5.all carry games
    6.stupid frist picks like picking carry frist or midder , or pick meepo frist
    7. Ez feed with courior and no one cant stop him
    8. everyone can ez Ruin whole game
    and . . .

    and if people determine ur Role , it would be great
    no more fights for mid
    coz x player have 9/10 Role score of mid and Y player have 4/10 role score of mid
    edited .
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    Haha , thank you valve .
    frist time u heard my idea .

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    and again thanks valve
    finally after 3 years

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