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Thread: Valve--Give us the SAAAAAUCE (Source code)

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    Valve--Give us the SAAAAAUCE (Source code)

    Hello people,

    This is a humble request on behalf of the AD community to OPEN SOURCE the damn code for AD. I'm sure between all the players, we have enough coders to fix some of the most important bugs. Sure making heroes that have more than 4 abilities work might be hard, but there are TONS of bugs still and people who want them fixed. If this code was hosted on something like github, we could all peer review the pull requests before adding them to AD. Simple things like actually displaying the first drafting hero properly would be an EASY fix (probably something like an array position is set to 1 instead of 0). Who doesn't want to MADGA (Make Ability Draft Great Again)?

    Please comment if you have better ideas on how to use community resources to fix these bugs or other concerns you might have with this. I would love to hear an official response from Valve on this!

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    I'm thinking if the code was too heavily coupled with the main client, porting the code as a standard asset like those found in custom game lobbies and then enforcing leaver penalties might be the best alternative route.

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