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Thread: Morphling Ult interactions.

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    Morphling loses the ability to attack after Morphing into Troll Warlord, using Berserker's Rage to be melee.
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    Morphling always bugs out when using Metamorphosis. Sometimes he keeps Metamorphosis animation, and sometimes his projectile becomes completely invisible (which could be a huge balance issue)

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    INVOKER. Controls bug on Morph. Example: QWE Invoker prepares ForgeSpirit on D-key and SunStrike on F-key. Morphling uses Morph on Invoker and gets this controls: QED - QuasWexExort, F - ForgeSpirit, R - MorphReplicate and !! R - SunStrike. Morphling can't use SunStrike at all. Morpling has no W-key during the Morph.

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