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Thread: Morphling Ult interactions.

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    Morphling Ult interactions.

    KOTL - no illuminate if KOTL has aghs.

    Invoker - dont get anything for morphing invoker (if rubick steals any spells from invoker, then use morph on rubick, morphling doesnt get the spell.)

    IO - if you use spirits, you can't use spirits in/out (if you morph rubick after rubick has used spirits, you dont get the spell, if you morph before he uses, you get the spell, but no in/out.)

    Shadow demon - no shadow poison release

    Rubick - if rubick steals morph, then tries to use it, game crashes / you can't steal Morph if Morphling uses on Rubick, but you can steal it if Morphling uses on a different hero

    I'll post more as I mess around with it. Feel free to post any other things you find with the new Morphling ult.
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    Doom - you don't get infernal blade (not sure if intended or not)

    Earth Spirit - can't place remnants (not sure if intended or not)
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    Ember Spirit - copies Activate Remnant but you can't place any remnants or use teammates remnants, so useless.

    Monkey King - doesn't copy Mischief / no movement/attack animations
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    Quote Originally Posted by androidjezus86 View Post
    Doom - you don't get infernal blade (not sure if intended or not)
    Infernal Blade is generally bugged on illusions, it is completely disabled for them, even on illusions which are allowed to cast spells. This restriction needs to be removed. It already is toggled off by default on illusions, so spell-restricted illus cannot use it anyway.
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    Outworld Devourer - doesn't copy any abilites.

    Phoenix - can activate fire spirits but cant use them / trying to disable sun ray after using causes the game to crash / toggle movement for sun ray doesn't copy

    Silencer - doesnt copy Glaives
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    pudge - If you die as pudge with rot on, you can't turn it off when you respawn.

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    it also stays on if you press R to morph back into morphling and you'll continue to lose health. if you morph back into pudge, you can turn it off, but it still shows the debuff indicator, no health lost.

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    Slark - you get a very interesting animation if you use Dark Pact, then morph back into Morphling before Dark Pact deals damage to self.

    Spectre - you can get a permanent spectral dagger MS buff if you morph back into Morphling and stay in the dagger as it fades away / if you morph from a teammate Spec and your teammate uses Haunt, you can teleport to your teammates illusion using reality. Can't do that if you morph from an enemy Spec, and the enemy spec uses Haunt

    Spirit Breaker - morphing back doesn't cancel charge.

    Templar Assassin - you can spring your teammates traps / if you use meld, morph back to morpling, then morph back into TA, whenever you stop moving you'll always be in the meld stance until you use meld again as morphling

    Terrorblade - if you use metamorphosis, then morph back to morphling, you'll keep the TB model until the metamorphosis duration expires / if you morph into TB, then uses conjure image, you will make illusions of the morphling model, if you use conjure image while in metamorphosis, you will make illusions of the TB model

    Tiny - if you morph into tiny, the model is VERY bugged (it looks pretty funny if you morph with Tiny level 3 ult) / if you morph tiny while tiny has Tree Grab activated, Morphling doesn't copy it/ when morphling uses tree grab, the ability to throw the tree is not available (also -wtf doesnt work for tree grab)
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    When using an illusion skill while morphed, the illusion created is a Morphling rather than the unit being Morphed. E.g. Using Mirror Image creates three Morphlings (original attack range, Morphed stats) instead of 3 nagas.

    While Morphed into a melee hero, Morphling still uses his projectile attack. Dragon Lance/Hurricane Pike still increase your attack range. Morphling's attack sound still plays. As such, Battlefury/Empower don't work when Morphed as a melee hero. Great Cleave still cleaves based off your position.

    If Morph expires while on top of a tree (Tree Dance), Morphling cannot get off the tree without using a movement skill.

    Both Monkey King and the Morphed Monkey King stack the same Jingu Mastery pool. Whoever gets the fourth strike gets the buff.

    This is a Hybrid remnant, but Sticky Napalm stacks from original Bat and the Morph will stack the slow, but only amplify the damage of whomever applied the first napalm.

    Certain heroes' running animations don't play while Morphed. Seen with Troll and Monkey so far. Night Stalker doesn't transform.

    Spirit Bear summoned by a Morphed Lone Druid cannot cast Savage Roar after Morph expires. The animation plays, but nothing happens. Should Spirit Bear persist after Morph expires?

    And of course, when Rubick tries to cast Morph on anyone, the game crashes.
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    When Morph ends, your HP values don't change. This means that if you shift everything into Agility and then Morph someone with high HP, you will be able to keep high Agility while having higher HP. Using Attribute Shift returns you to proper values. This video should explain it better:
    Possible solution to foreigners issue
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