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Thread: Shop recommended / Guide items now only have 3 columns instead of 4

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    Shop recommended / Guide items now only have 3 columns instead of 4

    Basically title.

    I don't really dig the new layout, I need the space and the new bigger icons should be optional.

    Comparison before 7.07 and after:


    - right offset is 30 px compared to left offset of 11 px
    - only 3 columns instead of 4
    - item icons are 10 px wider and 7 px higher -> a lot more space is used
    - shop gets cluttered easily with the big icons and increased number of rows required

    -> 7.07's bigger icons take up over 60% more vertical space to display 12 items compared to 7.06!
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    I like so much 3 items in a row why you changed that?(( Please add an option for players who likes 3 columns! I waited for this since 7.00(( and after a few days I see update where it's removed.
    This little thing so important to me.
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    Why is this not implemented back? Now that side shop only highlights items available and uses the full shop window, this 3 column style should be back asap.

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