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Thread: Unable to bind Numpad 5 - key has been aliased to "clear keybind"

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    Exclamation Unable to bind Numpad 5 - key has been aliased to "clear keybind"

    Attempting to bind Numpad 5 to any function results in the function being cleared, if numlock is off.

    1. Ensure that numlock is turned off.
    2. Go to settings, and attempt to bind any function to numpad 5. Keybind will be cleared.
    3. Turn on numlock, and bind numpad 5 to any function.
    4. Turn off numlock, and attempt to use this function. It will discard the keypress.

    Problems arising from this: i use numpad 1-6 for ability quickcast, and have them bound to my 12-button mouse. I leave numlock off, as i use it to toggle certain settings in my VoIP program. I now have to leave numlock on to play any hero with more than 4 spells.
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