You guys (as the game designer), should know why people were complaining about that kind of bug abuse, which is "buy and drop the courier item and deny it with attack".

I have a question here:
How if the situation is the same where NO PEOPLE buy courier during strategy time causing the team has to summon courier after the hero selection stage.
Now, a bad/low attitude player who buy the courier and permanently keep it in his/her inventory?
Is this the level of how Dota 2 redesign or designing a game?

Can't you all think further of what will happen if this happens then what will happens on next?
Who is your game designer? 1 star designer? Seriously, this is my critic on you because I don't see any seriousness in fixing most of the Dota 2 bugs or glitches.

Why don't make courier as an item where it will AUTO-SUMMONED at the fountain of BASE ONCE THE SUMMONER CLICK ON IT AT SHOP SO THAT TEAM does not need another teammate to stay at base to summon the courrier (after picking bounty)?

I am going give more critics if can but I afraid I gonna get banned like years ago.