Shadow Realm's damage is not applied if the attack target moved too far before projectile impact. This means some heroes can just outrun it (e.g. Bloodseeker, or a non-disjointing mobility spell) to avoid the huge burst damage.

In this example, I used Meepo (Poof doesn't disjoint)

1. Have a Meepo clone somewhere on the map
2. Have an enemy Dark Willow launch a Shadow Realm attack at you
3. Before the projectile hits you, Poof to your Meepo clone
4. wait for the projectile to impact

Result: The projectile deals no bonus magical damage. Only the regular attack damage is applied.

Expected: Distance shouldn't matter, it should always deal its damage on impact.

Reason for the result: The modifier responsible for the damage (placed on Dark Willow on attack launch) has a max duration of (I assume) 3 seconds. So it can expire before the attack lands, so that the bonus damage is not applied.

Solution: Remove the max duration.

If this is intended, at least add an ALT note mentioning this. Because as of now, all the player sees is the spell not doing damage.