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Thread: [Shop using Hotkey] 7.07 is broken item list

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    [Shop using Hotkey] 7.07 is broken item list

    please give back hotkey shop / item shop list like 7.06 ( not upgraded item )

    Healing salve button key too far 7.06 is Q+4/5 if im not wrong
    Clarity Q+1 and now on 7.07 i always miss buy , i want buy clarity and now i buying tp due to i remember the exact button so i no need to look shop too much , Since buying TP scroll have a button key on setting why tp scroll need on Q+1 ?

    i remember every Q-R 1-5 items on shop patch 7.06 now i confused...

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    the shop always gets sorted by item price, so it changes whenever an item value changes. It has always been like this.
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