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Thread: About Morphling's Ult Morph

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    Lightbulb About Morphling's Ult Morph

    My Morphling's cast hotkey:
    Q: Quickcast Waveform
    W: Quickcast Adaptive Strike (agility)
    E: Attribute Shift (agility)
    D: Attribute Shift (strength) (I can't change my custom E/D to D/F easily.)
    F: Quickcast Adaptive Strike (strength)
    R: Morph

    When I Morph another hero, it's hotkey is the same as Morphling's, which made me frequently making mistakes.
    For example, I Morph Lion, I need to press Quickcast 'F' for Lion's 'E' normal cast Mana Drain, and I need to be accustomed to QUICKCAST 'Q' Earth Spike and QUICKCAST 'W' Hex, while my Lion's hotkey settings are NORMAL CAST.
    I morph IO, I need to press 'E/D' for spirits in/out instead of original 'D/F'; Q is also QUICKCAST instead of original NORMAL CAST; I need to press 'F' for IO's original 'E' Overcharge.

    What I hope is, could the game have an option that Morphed hero's original hotkey can override Morphling's hotkey while Morphing, so that Morphling players won't miss-cast. Thanks!

    By the way, here's a personal wish. I hope that in next patch Morphling can Replicate even being stunned. Because Morph makes Morphling unable to use Attribute Shift, which made Morphling extremely fragile in Morph form. He'll be easily killed if he's stunned. Which made we Morphling players don't like to use Ult in team battle (or only maintains very very few seconds), making the Ult quite useless. It is already useless despite this, why not give it a buff? (If interested, my reason is below.)
    Useless reason: I need to buy blink dagger and blademail to fully function Axe (or Diffusal Blade to Morph Phantom Lancer, etc. Only Nether Ward and Tombstone Basic skill that I found is both powerful as an Ult and do not need any items to enhance or take effect); Even if I bought these, I need to be very close to the enemy I want to Morph because of the short cast range(What if Axe hides in forest? Even if I successfully Morphed, my blink dagger is very likely to be interrupted because I am in the middle of fight due to the short cast range), or need to reach level 20 to Morph teammate Axe. This new Ult is a very good idea indeed, but it is not practical in actual fight. The old Ult can help increasing DPS, Flee/Teleport, Quicker Farm, Pushing Lane or Deceive Enemy/Absorb Damage, which is far more useful than new Ult. My idea is that morph can also get Morphed one's items; or can Morph enemy in huge cast range, or, even that hero is out of vision Morphling can Ult him by left clicking his icon on the top; or can Morph allies without talent (or unlocked at talent level 10). Just one of these buffs is enough.
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    new ult useless shit

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    Agree. At least change the hotkey.

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