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Thread: Suddenly an explosion of leavers

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    Suddenly an explosion of leavers

    Why is there a sudden explosion of leavers in AD since the patch released? Literally unplayable, 1 out of 5 games is maby playable without leavers, it's ridiculous, why isn't anybody doing something about it? Why isn't it getting fixed? Shouldn't this be a priority? All I play is Ability Draft and I CANT FUCKING PLAY THE GAME!!

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    You know why? Because volvo FIXED IT and thanks to god damn animated portraits and other useless crap fps goes sleep, just got 5 lp games because game freezed during pick. Thx volvo, i really appreciate how you can ruin things.
    Make the game use graphic card? Nah we better stick to cpu like it's 1945.

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