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Thread: What are you doing with illusions? Yo just killed Naga and PL.

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    What are you doing with illusions? Yo just killed Naga and PL.

    Throughout many patches, you destroy illusions. You did less damage from the "radiance", the diffusial blade was sent to the grave in this patch ... 15 seconds cooldown, is not it too much ... And the illusions themselves do not beat the buildings as before. You're just kidding about heroes like Naga Siren and Phantom Lancer, which as it turned out can resist about 85-90% of the heroes of the game! Almost all the characters began to have some aoe skill ... with these talents ... A Phantom Assassin has a cleave in talents, like an alchemist ...
    There are artifacts like mjolnir and battle fury, that destroys even "fat" illusions very quickly... And in Lion in general, the manadrain in the area destroys all illusions by 20, as well as the hex at level 25. Developers, I beg you, come to your senses, you simply drove these heroes into a corner, that almost everyone can become a real threat to them ... Can a single hero have 85% of counterpicks... in my opinion this is not fair ... these heroes are so weak in the beginning and in midgame ... and now in the late game.

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