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Thread: Feeder, griefer and game ruiner.....

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    Angry Feeder, griefer and game ruiner.....

    Steam profile:

    Steam 64 ID: 76561198123052517

    Match ID: 3558878725

    Hero played by reported player: Bane

    Reason: Intentionally feeding enemy team, killing our courier intentionally and griefing his own team players with (Nightmare).

    For the love of god, get rid of these people already???? What are devs/valve doing but cashing in and NOT giving a shit about the community at all?????

    Hello??? You are cashing in but NOT EVEN giving a DECENT gaming experience whatsoever. Get to work for once and do something for the players (NOT TALKING ABOUT UR MICROTRANSACTIONS)
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    Why would you care?
    He's doing damage steal meta, you should have helped him or say to him to calm down so you can actually win

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    Not funny dude ._.

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