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Thread: [BUG/HELP] Import Tool is scaling down FBX Model.

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    Question [BUG/HELP] Import Tool is scaling down FBX Model.

    Hello! I'm trying to finish importing models for the Frostivus Contest but the Workshop Item Tool is either bugging out or I'm coming across something I've given up on trying to troubleshoot. I've looked through all the suggestions in the sticky and none of them seem to help the issue.

    Whenever I import my model it seems like the importer shrinks it down, so much infact that it shrinks inside the base model. I've tried resetting the Xform in 3DSMAX but it had no effect. I've even tried scaling the model up then skinning it to counteract whatever issue is going on, but it has no effect.

    I almost didn't think the model was showing up until I moved the Tool's camera inward to see the model clipping deep inside Lina's skull:

    Here's an image:

    So either there's an issue with the importer or perhaps the reference file for Lina from the Requirements page is in the wrong scale? Or is there something else I'm missing? I've also tried exporting it as a DMX and the same issue occurs.
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    Seems like I just needed some rest to see the problem clearly. Just incase anyone else might be having this problem: Apparently by default when you import a FBX into 3D Studio Max it uses a really offbeat scale factor, so the original model/skeleton were being doubled. Whoops!

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    There is some mismatching information with MAX and Maya on the scale and on the upaxis.

    our files are on maya file, so every time you import it on Max you will have to deal with the change on scale and axis, which is doable, just a little annoying

    Also, double check to never use scales on the bones, when you import a mesh with scaled bones it breaks in-game with the animations.

    A good rule of thumb to figure out those problems is to isolate the parts and try with more primitive objects. For example using a cube and skin to only one bone

    Glad you figured out the problem

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