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Thread: Replay stuck at 'downloading'

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    Replay stuck at 'downloading'

    I'd like to watch a game I played from 10 days ago. However, when I try to download the replay, when I press the download button, it's just stuck at 'downloading'. I already asked 2 other people who also played in the match to download the replay and they had the same problem. Also other people tried downloading the replay and they had the same problem.
    I checked the replays folder, the download didn't even start, there is no file there. To test, I also downloaded another older and another newer replay without problems. It seems to be the replay of this match which will not download.

    Is there a way around this? Or download the file another way? Or fix the 'downloading' problem?
    This is the match id: 2803048091

    Thanks in advance.


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    This is still an issue. It's incredibly frustrating trying to watch replays for certain heroes when there are only a dozen or so specialist players for those heroes, and all the replays timeout.

    Seems to happen when downloading from all regions, even my local region.

    Sometimes it just works. However, as soon as you try to get a replay that won't download, it seems to jam up every future attempt at downloading any replays. Restarting the client has no effect.
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    I am experiencing the same issue at the moment, as I cannot download two of my own replays from 11 days ago.
    How long are replays available on the servers again? I tried to google it but couldn't find anything.

    Match IDs: 3379126542, 3379242771


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