With the recent addition of Strength amplifying Health Regeneration effects (both from items and spells) it became very relevant which spell is tagged as "health regeneration" and not just the basic "heal".
When a hero has about 100 Strength in total the regen amplification is around 71% which is very strong for some spells.

For example: Press the Attack, Cold Embrace, Healing Ward, Living Armor and Inner Vitality are "health Regen" spells, which means the targets strength will greatly amplify their power.
In the case of Cold Embrace/Healing Ward which is already mostly based on a percentage of max health that means the spell can provide several times more healing than what its tooltip suggests on a high strength target.

On the other hand spells like Warlock's Shadow Word, Oracles Purifying Flames, Witch Doctors Voodoo Restoration and Enchantress's Nature Attendants are tagged as just basic "healing" which gets no benefit from Strength-based regen amplification.
So as the game goes into later stages and heroes stack up on Strength these spells will greatly lose in power relative to the ones mentioned above.

Source: https://dota2.gamepedia.com/Health_regeneration

Honestly i think that up to this point the Dota2 devs have almost randomly tagged some healing spells as "regen" and others as basic "healing" because until now that was almost completely irrelevant..
But since this new patch can amplify the healing of some "regen" spells by a very significant amount i think it would be more than fair to take a look at "basic heal" spells and see which one should be also turned into "regen" to benefit from strength.