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Thread: [Silencer] Global Silence's sound is too short for the talent duration

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    [Silencer] Global Silence's sound is too short for the talent duration

    Global Silence plays a sound for enemies which makes everything go quiet for them. This sound lasts 6 seconds. The level 25 talent increases the duration of the silence to 8, but the sound still lasts 6 seconds, so for the last 2 seconds of the silence, sounds are back to normal.

    This is bad, because the sound has become a significant part of the ability. When playing against Silencer, it basically indicates that you are silenced by his ult, so when your sound comes back, you'd expect not to be silenced by it anymore. But this is not the case when the Silencer chose the +2 Global Silence duration talent.

    Also, currently, the sound is not bound to the debuff. This means on level 1 and 2, the sound lasts longer than the silence, so that your sounds stay quiet for too long. Same for when the debuff gets dispelled. Dispelling it does not make the sound fade out. The sound should be bound to the debuff and disappear with it.

    Since it's basically just a rumbling sound, extending it isn't really difficult. Here is an example of an extended version of global_silence_effect.wav (direct link). The current in-game one lasts 6 seconds, and this extended one lasts 8 seconds, matching the level 3+talent duration.

    In this vid, you can see how the sound comes back too early, compared to the silence duration. In the second video, you can see the extended version.
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