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Thread: bug with team ranked matchmaking

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    Exclamation bug with team ranked matchmaking

    Team ranked matchmaking doesn`t work.

    I wrote to the Steam support service. They can not solve this problem.

    I will write here.

    We have a team.
    Every time we try to play the team we have nothing.

    We are looking for a game as a team. When the game finds, we drop out of the party.
    And the game goes like a regular ranked. The team logo and title are not displayed.

    I attached the files.
    watch this video

    Step by step screenshots:

    Thank you

    p.s. Sorry, I do not speak English well

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    I believe Ranked Team Matchmaking is discontinued with the introduction of Seasonal Ranked Matchmaking.

    At least it seems that Valve currently only supports Solo Ranked Matchmaking and Party Ranked Matchmaking, not Team Ranked Matchmaking.

    It may have something to do with the feature (Team Ranked Matchmaking) not being used by enough people. You should send an e-mail to Valve's DOTA 2 team here: and ask if they discontinued Team Ranked Matchmaking.

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