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Thread: [Suggestion] DotA 2 - Improvement Ideas

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    [Suggestion] DotA 2 - Improvement Ideas

    Ideas to Mr. Kermit and his mango eating household knights.

    Every update can u-turn DotA 2 dramatically, so I don’t go into much detail in the matter of layout, design, color etc. I try to shape my suggestion so far, that you can understand them.


    Most players use quickcast on key down, because they can use abilities and items faster with less clicks. For example when you play Lion and you want to blink, hex and stun (Blink Dagger, Hex, Earth Spike). But quickcast on key down has a downside in not showing spell range and area of effect indicators, which is very important when you want to aim with spells like Faceless Void's Chronosphere or Puck's Dream Coil. The only workaround is to use the clunky slow normal cast, because the logically right answer for this situation quickcast on key release is deactivated. YES..., you can only choose between quickcast on key down and quickcast on key release.

    Both quickcast options for abilities available.

    We have unit specific hotkeys for heroes and the courier. Would be great if neutrals get the same individual love. This would pave the way for more complex neutrals such as the Prowler Camp, that could be controlled much easier.

    Neutrals specific hotkeys.

    Would be great if you can use both quickcast options for itemslots.

    Both quickcast options for itemslots available.

    There are two kind of items... some want to be cast as fast as possible and others that don't want to be missclicked. To get what you want, you have to rearrange items in the six slots, because only the itemslots own the value cast or quickcast. It would be great to move the cast/quickcast value on items so it doesn't effect the rearranging of items. For example:
    • Blink Dagger on quickcast on key down (cast as fast as possible).
    • Boots of Travel on normal cast (avoid missclicks)
    • Veil of Discort on quickcast on key release (fast aim with spell range and area of effect indicators)

    Specific cast options linked on items.

    At the moment there are two ways to use emoticons in DotA 2:

    • Window: Open a window with icons (emoticons) and click on them.
    • Chat Code: Write a specific chat code such as “:salty:”.

    Both will get awkward in the future, if more and more emoticons will be released. The window with icons inside will grow and you have to scroll a lot. Also the Chat Code will get more complicated and unmemorizable for example ”:dac15_embarrass:”. To be honest, nobody uses DotA-Emoticons, but everybody writes Twitch-Emotes (4Head, BabyRage, BibleThump, EleGiggle, Kappa, Kreygasm, DansGame etc.). - Make DotA-Emoticons easier to use!

    Editing the Emoticon Wheel and the Chat Code.

    In-game Emoticon Wheel.


    The Panorama UI gets a lot of tweaks in every big update. So there is no reason for recommendations at the moment.

    The DotA 2 Friends Menu is divided into three sections:

    • IN DOTA
    • ONLINE

    If you have a lot of friends the current kind of grouping is far to confusing, because people change their nickname and avatar picture once in a while.
    In Steam Friends, you can assign tags to your friends to group them together and find them quicker. DotA 2 Reborn Beta should take the whole grouping/tagging system from Steam Friends.

    Use tags and groups from Steam.

    The FEED flow could be a problem, if you have a lot active "Donald Trump Mini-Me" friends in DotA 2. An option for ignoring FEEDS from certain friends may help.

    A FEED deselect button in your DotA 2 Friends List.


    The player profile is one of the most important parts in DotA 2. It is the only possibility for differentiation and individualization besides in-game item cosmetics. And the main source of income are hats. - Give catwalk!

    The majority want to showcase their customized set and not single items.

    The button "Equipped" allows to show the hero in-game set instead of a portrait or single item.

    More, more, more diversity HoooooooooO!

    You can choose with a filter which count you want to show.

    The game filter should have more options for better overview.

    Several filter options and game type icons.


    The Heroes Menu is pretty much “work in progress”. Big changes are inevitable. But some things seems to be solid enough to mess around with.

    Finally a logical hero layout. - Goodbye confusing hero release order! Goodbye nostalgic and useless DotA 1 Radiant/Dire hero formation! I don’t miss you!

    Added attributes icons and a glow effect (main attribute color) behind the hero portrait.

    I would love to see the particle glow effect from the DotA 2 “Your-Game-Is-Ready-Accept-Decline”-button behind the hero portrait. In main attribute color of course.

    In the Wardrobe you can equip your hero only with items you own.

    Select the weapon slot and browse through your weapons on the bottom right.

    Browse through all sets of the selected hero.

    You see all single items from the selected set on the bottem.

    The option Demo Hero is a bit limited. You can only select between one set or one item you don’t have. But the crowd want a “DotA Hattery”. Under Showcase you can create your dream set from all hero specific items that exist.

    Select the weapon slot and browse through all weapons that exist for that hero.


    Seems like a big placeholder for incoming content.

    I feel I can already say that an event-calendar makes sense. A serviceable calendar!

    The unimpressive old DotA 2 calendar.

    You should get an information which hero your friend played.

    The hero of your friend is highlighted with a white frame.

    You should see the skilled hero talents visual.

    Talent tree icon somewhere in the hero overview.

    You should see the skilled hero talents visual.

    Somewhere near beginning of the scoreboard should be a column called "TT" for talent tree with the appropriate icons in it.

    Cross buttons replaced by talent tree icons.


    Two different names for one server location seems a bit confusing. Even though I can understand the thoughts behind that decision. But at the end we have both player groups (DotA and Custom Games) under one umbrella and when they tryout the other game, the perplexity will rise. – One server name for each location (game overlapping)!

    Server Name dilemma


    The in-game HUD needs a lot of tweaks for spectators.

    DotA 2 has plenty Hero Ability Icon relicts from olden times. A lot of them are irreproducible. - The worst is, they are ugly! Please resume your work and refresh them!

    Great graphical improvement examples from past by enthusiastic mango eating household knights.

    Hunky-dory work, but don't go to the land of nod. Keep it rolling.

    The item arrangement in the shop panel is pretty much willy-nilly. Newer players took irreparable brain damage through the confusing information overload. They are still bedazzled today, scarred for life and all they wanted were boots, just boots…
    Sooner or later the in-game HUD will get retread, so here is a little story I’ve got to tell, about a noob you know so well:

    Alfredo was a bear, he wanted boots, I swear.
    All he had to do, was clicking on the filter button called “shoe”.

    Shop Panel with filter buttons.

    The Roshan timer for spectators should be extended by an Aegis timer. If you click as a spectator on the Roshan timer, the camera should center on Roshan's pit and when the Aegis timer is active a click on it should center your camera on the Aegis carrier.

    The Aegis timer starts after Roshan's death and disappears after 5 minutes or when the Aegis is destroyed.

    Holding ALT should also show Aegis, Cheese and Refresher Shard.

    Holding ALT shows Town Portal Scrolls, Aegis, Cheese and Refresher Shard.

    From an outside perspective, this section may be the most unimportant of all, but sometimes it’s the little things in DotA 2 that make me happy.

    In other words I “talk to the tree, make friends with it.” – Bob Ross

    Because “there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as a friend.” – Bob Ross

    Open letter from me to Mr. Tree:
    We are living in the 21st century, we were allowed to go through 7 (I edit this number every year... ) Internationals and we still have this rushed, without love made portraits. – I want portraits not mug shots!
    One of the best-known and wise bush of all time that lived on top of a painter once said: “The only thing worse than yellow snow is green snow.” – Bob Ross

    In the first instance you must keep in mind, that the portraits here have more space to breath. They look even worse and constricted in-game when they are surrounded by the HUD.

    Portraits evolution - from zero to hero:
    If you want something boring, just smack the hero in the middle of the frame. Bloodseeker is a great example of a hero portrait that feels cramped and crowded in the frame.


    You can avoid this when you leave the right amount of space in front of the hero so that it feels more comfortable.


    Abbaddon has more space in front of him, but he looks sad and dishonorable. The solution: “Lower camera angle”. A lower camera angle will create a striking effect and the hero will seem important and heroic.

    The force is strong… .

    We the people look up to our hero Razor! Hail Razor! The lower camera angle is not the reason why we chose Razor here, it’s because of the space. Space behind the hero creates tension in the portrait.


    Where space is, there is a backdrop and where the backdrop is, there is a story.
    Beastmaster’s backdrop tells us a story, a story about nature and wood, which Razor’s with lightning and storm also could.


    Generally, you should leave enough space above the heroÂ’s head, but not too much so as to fell lost in the frame.
    Luna’s portrait does a lot of things right, not all, but enough to be the second best hero portrait. In particular the position of the hero. Luna is placed off-center which adds interest, focus and dynamic.


    There is only one, one portrait to rule them all or in soft and warm german words: “MINIMUM REQUIREMENT FULFILLED!”


    Undying is turned slightly to the left but the space is on the right. This gives the image some tension and makes you wonder what he’s up to, as it adds an air of mystery as well.
    Having one shoulder higher than the other looks less stiff. In general, diagonal lines are infinity more interesting and have more flow than straight ones.
    Undying has enough space in front and behind him for a comfortable feeling. His backdrop tells a character supporting story and the low-angle shot creates a heroic look.

    • Diagonal lines are more interesting (if your hero can not do that pose naturally, just create it with a camera tilt)
    • Enough space (in front, behind, left or right, above head)
    • Every backdrop tells a story
    • Golden ratio
    • Low-angle shot
    • Rule of thirds


    Yes, there are some exceptions like, Gyrocopter, Io and Techies. They need a different camera angle. But that’s it.

    Portraits in their highest form “art”:

    Every now and than, when you have just enough time to destroy one barracks:
    “Attack the meele barracks! ATTACK THE MEELE BARRACKS! No! Stop attacking the range barracks! *PING-PING-PING-PING* - GG we lost… .“
    Much as I’d like art. Art is not, when you crap in the living room. A good design is not an end in itself. It should also support the clarity and intuitiveness of the game.
    The visual difference between meele and ranged barracks should be better developed.


    • Meele- and ranged-symbol engraved in the buildings.
    • Meele- and ranged-banner on a flagpole at the buildings.

    For the audience, the current layout of the barracks looks not as important as it should be. The barracks don’t reflect their in-game importancy via their design, they look ordinary, particularly the dire ones. – New desings, please!

    When you eat a Tango by targeting wards or trees placed by Iron Branch, the heal duration is doubled. That event should be visualized with a golden Tango Buff Icon in the buff bar.

    Tango Buff Icon.


    With over 100 different heroes, items and over 400 diverse hero abilities you need a lot of basic knowledge (experience) if you want to play DotA properly.
    Even so the game got a lot of user-friendly in the recent past in terms of abilities/items/damage-interactions, the next patch with massive changes waits around the corner and catapults you back to square one.
    Recently when I want to understand some changes or interactions I catch myself abusing the “Demo Hero Option”, because it is much faster and easier than the whole create-lobby-procedure.
    What if can we transform “Demo Hero” with his limitations to a kind of Sandbox with more options? – Let’s do it!

    Extend the Demo-Hero-Map with Creep Camps, Runes and Roshan Pit.

    Minimap of the Sandbox (advanced Demo-Hero-Map).

    If you want to explore some abilities/items/damage-interactions you are forced to use a lot of console commands and here is the rub:
    Newer Players that could benefit the most from such an environment in terms of teaching themselves fast and easy basic knowledge of open questions lack the know-how to use console commands. - More options results in less console commands.

    Current Demo-Options-Menu versus an example of a possible Sandbox Menu.

    You can level the selected hero (includes enemy hero) up and down by 1 Level when you click on the proper “arrow”-button.
    The “1”- and “25”-button brings the selected hero instantly to minimum (1) or maximum (25) level.

    Options for the selected hero.

    You should be able to buy items for the selected hero when you open the Shop Menu. - The enemy Piñata wants candy too!
    For more clarity the Shop Menu could use a Radiant and Dire layout depending of the selected hero. – Simple color changes like the default donkey courier.

    Write a hero name in the search box and let him spawn. The search box should be smart, autocomplete hero names and understand shortcuts (e.g. “AM” for “Anti-Mage” or “Furion” for “Nature's Prophet”).

    Option for creating enemy heroes.

    If you click on the “Medium Creeps”-button a random medium creep camp will spawn or you follow the arrow and select a medium creep camp of your choice. The creep camps will automatically stack if you click the buttons more than once.

    Example of the Creep Camp Menu.

    The problem with Roshan is that he has no level indicator like normal heroes but gets stronger every 4 minutes. The solution is to show a timestamp instead.
    You can level Roshan up and down by 4 minutes when you click on the proper “arrow”-button.
    If you click on the “Roshan Kill Timer”-button. A count up timer will start when Roshan takes damage and ends when he is dead. If you refresh Roshan, you naturally refresh the timer.

    Options for Roshan.

    Click on a “Rune”-button and the rune spawns at the rune spot.

    Menu for the Runes.

    Sometimes the frame is more important than the picture in it.

    Please upgrade the profile frames.

    A representative ascending order: Stone 🡺 Bronze 🡺 Silver 🡺 Gold 🡺 Glow effect with the current theme color from The International.

    Quaint, but not forgotten.

    Please polish this old infographic.

    Not cool since... ever!

    Please fix cosmetic skin glitches (particularly on heroes with transformation abilities).

    Stuff that should be done or I want to do:

    • New range indicator (for abilities and items).
    • New intuitive designed buy menu.
    • Super cool and extremely funny hero pick and ban animation for in-game specators during draft phase.- Concept done; would easily win best animated short at the oscars.
    • A masterly crafted DotA tutorial library.
    • A refurbished options menu, that would surpass even Steve Jobs expectations.
    • A heap of new DotA Plus features.
    • ...

    The latest released heroes in DotA 2 are Monkey King (2016), Dark Willow (2017) and Pangolier (2017). Two of them will be dead certain a thing at The International 2018 and it is not the anthropoid ape, who was even good-for-nothing in last year’s International. Monkey King is predestinated for the current meta (dominate your lane and use the obtained advantage to close out the game). He should be a force to be reckoned with and not a paper tiger. - Nurse Monkey King back to health for the competitive environment, particularly for the upcoming International!

    • You want to lose a game.
    • You try to counter certain offlane heroes (Axe, Doom, Tidehunter, Timbersaw, Underlord, etc.) and lose the game later.
    • Your name is Topson, you play for OG and you want to lose a game.

    Please note that the following are only suggestions and every brainchild stands for itself. So when the term “broken” is buzzing through your neuromuscular junction, it is only a knee-jerk reaction of trying Amurican math. - Amurican math is highly NOT recommended.

    Ember Spirit’s level 20 hero talent is True Strike, Earthshaker’s Enchant Totem (5 seconds cooldown and 3 with level 25 hero talent) has True Strike, but the carrier of the legendary Monkey King Bar has only with his 22 seconds cooldown based Boundless Strike one True Strike ability. Unfortunately it doesn’t even pierce spell immunity (Black King Bar, Blade Fury, Rage, Repel, etc.). - Flavor Monkey King with a little bit more True Strike.


    • True Strike as a hero talent. - High five Ember Spirit. Lame!

    • The Quadruple Tap Bonuses from Jingu Mastery have True Strike.

    • Wukong’s Command gives True Strike for its duration.

    • Wukong’s Command Soldiers have True Strike.

    • Stick Mastery is a passive ability that is bound to Wukong’s Command and gives 33% / 66% / 100% accuracy.

    It should be more convenient and more fun.

    Those who drink with straw can't swallow a Monkey King.

    It is a relict of an earlier age, when Monkey King’s soldiers brandished with Skull Basher and Abyssal Blade to bash enemies.
    Even today it takes 3 seconds to unfold itself (4 seconds with the level 25 hero talent +1 Wukong’s Command Ring), simply inconceivable… .


    • Speed up the unfolding time.

    • Increase the number of soldiers.

    • Increase the area of effect.

    • See earlier mentioned True Strike suggestions.

    • Incorporate True Sight.

    Original and improved Wukong's Command layouts.


    • Both level 10 hero talents (+20 Attack Speed and +300 Tree Dance Vision AoE) are wanky.

    • The level 25 hero talent +100 Armor Wukong’s Command is impractical, and furthermore, the additional area of effect from its counterpart talent (+1 Wukong’s Command Ring) is highly needed in late game.

    • The level 25 hero talent +1 Wukong’s Command Ring has only 7 soldiers (first ring 5 soldiers; second ring 9 soldiers). It also doesn’t increase the cast range (equivalent cast range would be 900).

    • Enable the attack modifier Bash for Wukong’s Command via hero talent. - One can always dream!

    • The channeling sound of Primal Spring shouldn’t be audible to enemies anymore. - The time of grace is over or does invisible heroes make foot step sounds?

    • Monkey King should be able to destroy his tree (Battle Fury, Quelling Blade) without being stunned.

    • Monkey King shouldn’t be feared (Terrorize, Savage Roar, Scream of Pain) down from a tree. He should remain fearful atop.


    Nowadays you see a lot of pauses in the early stages of the pro games, followed by sentences like: “Pause please, wrong config”.
    A lot of players use different hotkeys for different heroes, especially to change between normal cast and quickcast. For example when you play Lion, you want to have your abilities (Earth Spike, Hex etc.) and the item Blink Dagger on quickcast in order to react and blink faster. In the next game want to aim with your Meat Hook with Pudge or plant Land Mines with Techies, so you have to switch your hotkeys back to normal cast.

    Selection button for global and individual Hero Hotkeys.

    Selected hero for hotkey individualization.

    A lot of people use multiple DotA 2 accounts for various reasons. Nowadays profiles are replaceable, the most thing that matters is MMR. We need to value Player Profiles more and appreciate them with achievements.

    Example: Achievements for played matches.

    This “feature” feels like commercials that appeared before viewers could watch video clips…


    Give bear more love! The bear needs love! Love the bear! Do it! Do it!

    Added inventory slots for Spirit Bear and hide the winner of the match under a reveal-button.

    A Lobby List button in the navigation bar would be great.

    Lobby List button in the navigation bar.

    A couple of heroes require better model execution and texture quality. - They lack detail, they need love!

    Warning: The following image contain graphic content that can shock, offend and upset!

    Instead of enjoying the loading screen, we could enjoy the mini profiles of all players too. - Farewell boring loading time!

    Current DotA 2 Reborn Beta Loading.

    Suggested DotA 2 Reborn Beta Loading.

    I never liked the default Hero Selection UI order. I prefer an alphabetical hero order.

    For everybody that can’t wait till the release of the new in-game HUD and prefers also an alphabetical hero order, cause logic, here is a quick healthy homemade recipe from my granny (RIP):

    Recipe of Alphabetical Hero Selection UI (All Pick)

    • Total Time: 3 min
      • Preparation: 2 min
      • Copy & Paste: 1 min
    • Yield: 111 heroes from A to Z
    • Level: Luser friendly


    • DotA 2 (required)
    • Working Potato (required)
    • Monitor (recommended) - Easter professionals donÂ’t need one.
    • Keyboard (recommended)
    • Mouse (recommended)
    • Intellectual Organ (overrated)

    • Download A-Z.txt and place it in: "Steam\SteamApps\common\dota 2 beta\dota\cfg\layouts".

    • Start the DotA 2 Client and join a game.

    • When you can select a hero, press the CRTL button for “GRID VIEW”, then click on “CUSTOMIZE GRID” and after this the “Import Layout”-button.

    • A new window with a list of layouts will open, select “A-Z”, confirm it and finally press the “Save changes”-button.

    Hero Selection UI.


    Use the mouse to skill hero talents.

    Use hotkeys to skill hero talents.

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    I would like to add some suggestions. These were possible before the console change, so I already have autoexec implementations that work with cheats enabled.

    bind C "+chatwheel; cw_0" // chatwheel key, set cw_0 to current chatwheel
    // individual chatwheels, each also setting the "next" and "prev" chatwheel
    alias cw_0 "alias cw_next cw_1; alias cw_prev cw_9; chat_wheel_phrase_0 44; chat_wheel_phrase_1 68; chat_wheel_phrase_2 51; chat_wheel_phrase_3 54; chat_wheel_phrase_4 7; chat_wheel_phrase_5 70; chat_wheel_phrase_6 62; chat_wheel_phrase_7 64"
    alias cw_1 "alias cw_next cw_2; alias cw_prev cw_0; chat_wheel_phrase_0 22; chat_wheel_phrase_1 23; chat_wheel_phrase_2 2; chat_wheel_phrase_3 55; chat_wheel_phrase_4 5; chat_wheel_phrase_5 16; chat_wheel_phrase_6 12; chat_wheel_phrase_7 20"
    alias cw_2 "alias cw_next cw_3; alias cw_prev cw_1; chat_wheel_phrase_0 45; chat_wheel_phrase_1 38; chat_wheel_phrase_2 81; chat_wheel_phrase_3 82; chat_wheel_phrase_4 37; chat_wheel_phrase_5 34; chat_wheel_phrase_6 53; chat_wheel_phrase_7 36"
    alias cw_3 "alias cw_next cw_4; alias cw_prev cw_2; chat_wheel_phrase_0 62; chat_wheel_phrase_1 0; chat_wheel_phrase_2 61; chat_wheel_phrase_3 65; chat_wheel_phrase_4 67; chat_wheel_phrase_5 79; chat_wheel_phrase_6 85; chat_wheel_phrase_7 70"
    alias cw_4 "alias cw_next cw_5; alias cw_prev cw_3; chat_wheel_phrase_0 59; chat_wheel_phrase_1 42; chat_wheel_phrase_2 41; chat_wheel_phrase_3 32; chat_wheel_phrase_4 77; chat_wheel_phrase_5 83; chat_wheel_phrase_6 3; chat_wheel_phrase_7 84"
    alias cw_5 "alias cw_next cw_6; alias cw_prev cw_4; chat_wheel_phrase_0 15; chat_wheel_phrase_1 13; chat_wheel_phrase_2 18; chat_wheel_phrase_3 4; chat_wheel_phrase_4 21; chat_wheel_phrase_5 35; chat_wheel_phrase_6 6; chat_wheel_phrase_7 14"
    alias cw_6 "alias cw_next cw_7; alias cw_prev cw_5; chat_wheel_phrase_0 50; chat_wheel_phrase_1 49; chat_wheel_phrase_2 78; chat_wheel_phrase_3 52; chat_wheel_phrase_4 19; chat_wheel_phrase_5 17; chat_wheel_phrase_6 1; chat_wheel_phrase_7 48"
    alias cw_7 "alias cw_next cw_8; alias cw_prev cw_6; chat_wheel_phrase_0 31; chat_wheel_phrase_1 33; chat_wheel_phrase_2 30; chat_wheel_phrase_3 29; chat_wheel_phrase_4 8; chat_wheel_phrase_5 11; chat_wheel_phrase_6 10; chat_wheel_phrase_7 9"
    alias cw_8 "alias cw_next cw_9; alias cw_prev cw_7; chat_wheel_phrase_0 24; chat_wheel_phrase_1 25; chat_wheel_phrase_2 26; chat_wheel_phrase_3 27; chat_wheel_phrase_4 28; chat_wheel_phrase_5 58; chat_wheel_phrase_6 46; chat_wheel_phrase_7 47"
    alias cw_9 "alias cw_next cw_1; alias cw_prev cw_8; chat_wheel_phrase_0 75; chat_wheel_phrase_1 73; chat_wheel_phrase_2 60; chat_wheel_phrase_3 66; chat_wheel_phrase_4 63; chat_wheel_phrase_5 43; chat_wheel_phrase_6 76; chat_wheel_phrase_7 74"
    // bind mousewheel keys to "next" and "prev" chatwheels
    bind "mwheeldown" "cw_next"
    bind "mwheelup" "cw_prev"
    Here I had every chatwheel command bound, and it was amazingly easy and functional to use. With chatwheel being controlled by mouse movement, it's completely natural to navigate between chatwheels with the scroll wheel keys. Especially with the suggestion of emoticons in the chathweel, the chatwheel slots would become increasingly limited, so additional bindable chatwheels would definitely be noted improvement. Of course not everyone should need to bind every phrase like I had, but just 1 or 2 extra would greatly improve the typing-less communication that we've all come to enjoy.

    bind "SPACE" "+center" // center camera key
    alias +center "dota_camera_lock 1"
    alias -center "dota_camera_lock 0"
    There's other ways of centering the camera natively, but they all have some problem associated, such as only working with your hero, requiring two taps, the camera only loosely following and having associated acceleration, breaking when edge-panning, etc. A dota_camera_lock toggle works perfectly, and would be a great quality-of-life boost to those whose gameplay involves a camera centering hotkey (especially those coming from league, where the prominent spacebar key is dedicated to this function by default).

    // note this is a hack-y implementation that allowed for binding console commands to alt-modified keys
    bind "A" "mc_attack" // this is a duplicate autoattack binding, ALT + A must be bound as autoattack in-client
    dota_remap_alt_key "F13"
    bind "ALT" "+toggle_alt_remap"
    alias +toggle_alt_remap "dota_remap_alt_key ALT; dota_settings_quick_target_attack 1"
    alias -toggle_alt_remap "dota_remap_alt_key F13; dota_settings_quick_target_attack 0"
    As many people have and utilize separate binds for normal-casting and quick-casting spells and items, oftentimes on key / alt+key, (this was evident when separate keybind functionality was added following community feedback to a patch that removed it) it would make sense for autoattacks, which are essentially zero-cooldown spells, to also benefit from this functionality.
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    I couldn't remember my password for this forum and specifically went to reset it just so I could log in and BUMP the f**k out of this thread because THE SUGGESTIONS ARE SO GOOD and are VERY MUCH NEEDED IN THE GAME. @Valve please watch and listen closely to this!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by inmnz View Post
    I couldn't remember my password for this forum and specifically went to reset it just so I could log in and BUMP the f**k out of this thread because THE SUGGESTIONS ARE SO GOOD and are VERY MUCH NEEDED IN THE GAME. @Valve please watch and listen closely to this!!!
    Me in a nut shell

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    Ty for your effort but it feel wasted to post on this forum, since I haven heard any response from Dev. Team for ages....

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    If this feature will be implemented, add here necronomycons pls.

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    These are awesome!

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    Do you still have the A-Z.txt file? It's unavailable now. I still have the legacy client, and I need this alphabetical hero layout.

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