The "walking while attacking" effect of Focus Fire currently only works with regular right-click move orders (or M+left-click ground).

It does not work with:

1. Patrol command: WR just stops attacking and starts patrolling. She should continue attack and patrol.
2. Follow command: WR just stops attacking and starts following the target. She should continue to attack and follow the target.
3. Directional move command: WR just stops attacking and starts moving towards the targeted point.
4. Shift-queued commands: When you shift-queue, the queued orders will only be executed when WR can't attack or the target can't be attacked. They get queued after the attack order -- Shift-queued move orders should be executed during the attacks, and not be queued up, since moving is supposed to be possible during Focus Fire attacks.

Furthermore, the move-while-attacking stuff only works if you directly select your attack target. This means if your attacking gets interrupted, and you let auto-attack reacquire the attack target, you won't be able to move while attacking. Similarly, acquiring the target with a ground-attack move (A+right-click ground) does not work either. She will not continue to attack while moving.