The game started 5v5 as normal but then midgame my name turned white and I could't control my hero(ogre) at all. Even when I started to type in chat it said "No one can hear you".
I tried reconnecting and when I joined I was in spectator mode. I could see net value, damage done, used spells and I had global vision but I couldn't move my hero. After that I restarted steam and tried to reconnect to the match few times(it was literally under 1 minute) but it wouldn't connect. After hitting reconnect, the screen went gray as normal for a few seconds and then returned to default dota home screen. After some time match ended, I got abandon and 30 min queue ban.

This was not my fault and there was nothing I could do. I think its wrong that I am getting punished for a bug or someone else foul play.
Please do something about this.

Match ID 5327926120