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Thread: [Spirit Vessel] Spirit Vessel uses HP removal, causing lots of buggy interactions

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    [Spirit Vessel] Spirit Vessel uses HP removal, causing lots of buggy interactions

    This seriously cannot be intended. Why would you even think about using hp removal for an effect like this?

    Spirit Vessel's static damage uses pure damage, and the %-based damage uses hp removal. This means:

    1. It completely bypasses damage negating effects like Refraction, Living Armor, Aphotic Shield, Spiked Carapace and Borrowed Time
    2. It cannot be reduced by reducing effects like Bristleback, Dispersion, Burrow, Enrage, Winter's Curse, Duel, Aeon Disk
    3. It deals damage to invulnerable units
    4. It cannot be amplified with amplifiers like Bloodrage, Penitence, Sprint, Flesh Golem and Soul Catcher
    5. It does not trigger any on damage effects like Blade Mail and False Promise (although FP prevents the hp loss, it does not count the hp loss towards its delayed damage)

    Note though that spells like Refraction still will lose charges, since the fixed damage of the item is regular pure damage, making it a hard counter to such heroes.

    The same goes for the heal. The fixed value is a added as hp regen, while the percentage based effect is not (it's like reverse hp removal). This means:

    1. It bypasses any heal amplifications like Ghost Shroud and SPIRIT VESSEL ITSELF (yes, the 70% heal amp does NOT affect the 1% hp/sec of the buff)
    2. It bypasses Ice Blast, simply "healing" through it
    3. It is not counted as heal by False Promise
    4. It happens in 1 second intervals, while the fixed bonus, as hp regen, happens in 0.1s intervals
    5. The hp regen value in the HUD never shows the heal bonus of Spirit Vessel properly

    The videos show only a few examples, because they simply are way too many bad interactions.
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