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Thread: all legacy hotkey issues

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    all legacy hotkey issues

    7.07 messed up legacy hotkeys quite a bit. Here are all legacy hotkeys which were not adapted to the changes:

    Chen: Holy Persuasion used to have R as legacy key. But same as with above happened here. Test of Faith Teleport was removed as a spell, Holy Persuasion moved one to the left, now uses Test of Faith Teleport's old hotkey, F. It should be changed back to R
    Current: E/T/F/D
    Expected: E/T/R/D

    Lifestealer: Two issues:
    1. Control used to have R as legacy key. Now it is W. I have no idea why this would change. Also, W and R are both bad keys, since W is already used by Open Wounds, and R is used by Rage. Best unused key would be E.
    2. Consume's hotkey is not static, and keeps changing based on what you infest and take control over. By default, its key is T (matches Infest). But as soon as you use Control, it changes. It should always stay on T, no matter what creep you take control over.
    Current: R/F/W/C/C/T/W/?
    Expected: R/F/W/C/C/T/E/T

    Morphling: Several issues here. This hero suffered most in case of legacy keys.
    1. His Morph (Attribute Shift) legacy keys used to be D and F for a decade. Now, this reworked shifted the abilities to the left, changing their keys to F and T. They really should be changed back to D for agi morph and F for str morph.
    2. Adaptive Strike (Strength) uses one of Attribute Shift's old keys (F). This spell should use T instead.
    3. Morph Replicate's legacy key changes based on what the targeted hero's ulti legacy key is. It should always be R (equal to his ult).
    Current: W/E/D/F/T/R/?
    Expected: W/E/T/D/F/R/R

    Troll Warlord: Moving Whirling Axes into a new slot messed up his legacy keys as well (and also his QWER keys).
    1. Whirling Axes can never be both active at the same time. So this is a rare case where giving two spells the same hotkey is the most benficial. Whirling Axes (Melee) should use E as legacy key agan (W in default key layout).
    2. Furthermore, Fervor has lost its legacy key. It used to be F, but now, Whirling Axes (Melee) uses F, since it is now in Fervor's old ability slot, and Fervor is in an unbound slot.
    Current: G/E/F/-/R
    Expected: G/E/E/F/R

    Ancient Thunderhide: This one has been bugged since the ability orders got changed.
    1. His Slam used to use D as legacy key. Now it has no legacy key, because it is now in the aura's old slot, which did not have a key assigned.
    2. Frenzy used to use F as legacy key. It now uses D, because it was moved in Slam's old ability slot, which had D assigned. Technically, the aura now uses F as legacy key, because it's in Frenzy's old slot, which is pointless.
    Current: D/F/-
    Expected: F/-/D

    Ancient Prowler Shaman: Uses QWERTY keys for its spells, instead of having unique keys. Desecrate should be D, and Petrify should beither E, R or T.
    Current: Q/W
    Expected: D/E

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