When Undying has his Reincarnation talent ready, and is under the effect of Wraith King's Wraith Delay aura (aghs upgrade), taking any damage triggers the Reincarnation, completely wasting it.

1. Skill Undying's level 25 Reincarnation talent
2. Have an ally Wraith King buy Aghanim's Scepter and have Reincarnation leveled
3. Stand within the Wraith King's aghs aura range
4. Take damage from anything, no matter how little damage, or how much hp you currently have

Result: The talent Reincarnation triggers, playing its effects and sounds, and it goes on cooldown. Undying continues doing whatever he was ordered to. The Reincarnation was simply wasted.

Expected: Reincarnation should only trigger on death, not on any damage.