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Thread: SEA network issues

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    SEA network issues

    Since the ~900 MB update yesterday removing frostivus me and everyone I know have been experiencing severe server issues on SEA. We have constant lag spikes, connection drops. Coordinator doesnt connect. And when everything else is working fine with the internet and coordinator is connected even then we cannot reconnect to games at times. I've personally tried 2 different internet connections and the problem persists. One of the games we were winning and we were all chucked out of the lobby and the game didnt count. Got two abandons and LP for 5 games because of this issue. Internet was working perfectly and coordinator was also connected but it just kept saying game lobby could not be reached or something. Can we get this fixed please. Its literally impossible to play like this. Every time I go to hit a creep or hero my screen freezes.

    Match IDs:

    If you see my Dotabuff after LC and before Pangolier I played a Juggernaut game that doesnt show anymore and we were 40 mins in with no abandons.
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