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Thread: [Chen] Two of Chen's custom mounts have unfitting/wrong names

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    [Chen] Two of Chen's custom mounts have unfitting/wrong names

    Chen has 2 items in the Mount slot which are actually the default mount but with different armoring. But the name of the items suggests that it's a different mount, which they aren't.

    These items are:

    1. Desert Gale Mount
    2. Locuthi Mount of the Penitent Nomad

    These 2 items used to be in the mount armor slot, which was removed, so these were moved to the mount slot. Their original names were

    1. Desert Gale Armor
    2. Locuthi Barding of the Penitent Nomad

    Since these cosmetic only change the mount's armor, a more fitting name would be the combination of both

    1. Desert Gale Mount Armor
    2. Locuthi Mount Barding of the Penitent Nomad

    Here you can see that the 2 custom mount slot items are the default mount with different armor, but the item names suggest something different
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