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Thread: [Vengeful Spirit] Why is Nether Swap disabled for Ability Draft?

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    [Vengeful Spirit] Why is Nether Swap disabled for Ability Draft?

    I assume the reason is the Scepter upgrade of the spell, which creates an illusion which is able to cast spells. But here is why this is a bad reason:

    1. It's a Scepter upgrade. You have to buy an expensive item to get the illusion
    2. It's one illusion max at all times. It's not like Meepo who could have 4 of himself cast spells
    3. The hero itself needs to be dead for the illusion to spawn. So all it does is it allows you to continue use your spells while your hero is dead.
    4. It's still an illusion. Unlike meepo clones, there are many spells which can instantly kill illusions, and it takes 50% more damage than a real hero does. And you can't farm levels with it like how Meepo clones can.
    5. Because of it being an illusion, it can't use items either. It's limited to the active spells you have chosen.

    It's hardly broken or overpowered, like how Meepo clones were, which allowed you to cast the same spells multiple times in an instant.

    Nether Swap should be available in AD.
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