Currently, when you cast Holy Persuasion on a unit who already has the Teleport buff, it refreshes the buff, but does nothing besides that. When refreshed, the unit will still teleport based on the first cast, so the second cast effectively does nothing.

1. Cast Holy Persuasion on an ally
2. Cast Holy Persuasion on the same ally, before the first cast finishes

Result: The ally teleports based on the first cast, the second cast does effectively nothing but refresh the buff.

Expected: There are 3 different expected behaviors:
1. Add the MODIFIER_ATTRIBUTE_MULTIPLE attribute to the buff, so that each cast places its own buff
2. Add an OnRefresh function, make it restart the think interval, and update the teleport destination (e.g. when first cast was on the unit, and second cast was on Chen, it should update the tp location to Chen)
3. Disallow Test of Faith from targeting units which already have the teleport buff and make self-casting place it only on units which don't have it yet.