Valves has :

1- Qualified Team of Coders
2- The Money for the team of coders
3- The Resources
4- The Technology
5- Time

With all these 5 points above they managed to create the ultimate AI (Bot) that single handedly raped all of the top tier players of the world in 1v1 mid.

So let me ask you all this....WHAT'S STOPPING Valve from making an AI (Report) (yes rather then bot as playable, report for report system) that evaluates whats right and wrong who fed the game and who ruined the game. There are people who intentionally throw the game for shits and giggle and a lot of the time we don't have any report left to report these trolls or people who buy shadow amulet and afk all game.

Again I ask, WHATS STOPPING valve from making an AI (Report) ?