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Thread: Multiple attack range bonuses do not stack for active attack modifier

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    Multiple attack range bonuses do not stack for active attack modifier

    Attack range bonuses also increase the cast ranges of active attack modifier. However, there is a stacking issue. When having multiple attack range bonuses, only the highest bonus affects the manual cast range of the attack modifiers.

    1. Get Dragon Lance on Clinkz
    2. Cast Searing Arrows from maximum range (manual cast, not autocast)
    3. Mark the max range
    4. Now level up the +100 attack range talent
    5. Repeat step 2. and 3.

    Result: With just Dragon Lance, the manual cast range is (640+140=) 780, as expected. But when choosing the +100 attack range talent on top of it, the cast range is still 780.

    Expected: When having both, Dragon Lance and the attack range talent, the cast range should be (640+140+100=) 880.

    This bug affects all active attack modifier: Petrify, Searing Arrows, Infernal Blade, Frost Arrows, Impetus, Burning Spear, Liquid Fire, Tidebringer, Arcane Orb, Glaives of Wisdom and Poison Attack (Walrus Punch has a different issue).

    In this video, I increased the range bonuses to 200 for dragon lance and 400 for the talent, to make it more obvious.
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