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Thread: [Shop] Rows and slot hotkey icons are misaligned

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    [Shop] Rows and their hotkey icons are misaligned

    In Shop panel, Rows and their hotkey icons are not aligned correctly, especially after Row 7.

    Repro Steps:
    1. Enable Shopping using Hotkeys in Options.
    2. In game, open Shop Panel, and Choose any Column. (for example, Press "Q" )
    3. Observe the misaligned Row hotkey icons.

    For example:
    In column "Q", Row 7 should be pointed to "Enchanted Mango" instead of "Healing Salve".
    This misalignment indicates that Row 7 is "Healing Salve". But you actually get an "Enchanted Mango" when you pressed Key "7".

    <End of Bug Report>

    Additional suggestion:

    Shopping hotkeys cannot be modified now...
    It would be nice if it can be changed. (Even though cfg files, just as before)

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    This issue is still there.
    It is very easy to verify and it's quite misleading for players who use hotkey for shopping.
    Any update?

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