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Thread: Matchmaking and mockery of developers

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    Matchmaking and mockery of developers

    I can not explain what happens to DotA, except as a mockery. why the developers do not want to make a normal matchmaking, play it is no power. Every game you experience is the greatest disgust from the people who are on your team. I hate it, I'm tired.
    How to contact the developers of the game, I want to personally talk to someone from them, because already 3 or 4 years matchmaking works just awful. I do not want to delete the game, but there are no more matches to play in these shit. Please give me an answer, will the new system of selecting teams or me and my friends just delete this game?

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    Valve dont give a shit about their playerbase whatsoever, either in Dota 2 or CS:GO... the ONLY thing they give a shit about is to use their playerbase and make money out of them, NOTHING else.
    The hole world is getting to this point of view, specially lately. Both games are unplayable and losing their grip, brings shame to gaming overall.

    Valve = Lazy and greedy people taking advantage of their playerbase, SPECIALLY YOUNGER people with these microtransactions, pure PREDATORY and shamefull. (Soon to be regulated worldwide, karma is coming)

    I've lost all hope and respect for Valve, they are at same level as EA and will soon get whats coming. Its not a question about IF but WHEN streamers, youtubers etc will go after them. This shit got a snowball effect and it has already began. I'll contribute with my money to make sure it keeps on going and as fast as possible. This companies glory days are way beyond over and they dont deserve our money or our time.

    Im brutally disgusted to say the least!
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    100% Agree. I also lost all respect for Valve. Absolute nothing for community management. Toxic removing. OMG. This game going to hell already with a tons of toxic "people" playing it.

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    It is long ago known that devs only care about money. Do you remember first days of 7.00 update: Imbalanced monkey king and... arcana for him. Many people thought: "Wow, this is very nive hero! Lets I buy arcana for him and own enemies!"? They are ready to make some bugs or imbalances to collect some profit.

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    Why do not the developers want to listen to the community, why they ignore the community's requests?

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    Dota 2 developers are VERY lazy employees wo never give a sit about players. Nice update btw - no arcana, no battle pass, no new hero, but we got crushed servers, low priority and matcmaking search not working. Good job, what can i say

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