When an enemy is currently being moved by another spell, Power Cogs will not shock them. This means there are several mobility spells which can easily bypass a cogs barrier completely. Originally, this behavior was added to prevent Power Cogs from canceling Toss. But it was done so that it now ignores everything which moves units, except for Force Staff and Hurricane Pike.

Currently, these spells can bypass Power Cogs, which they probably should not:
1. Charge of Darkness
2. Sun Ray
3. Icarus Dive
4. Swashbuckle
5. Skewer
6. Timber Chain
7. Rolling Boulder
8. Boulder Smash
9. Geomagnetic Grip
10. Meat Hook
11. Tether
12. Deafening Blast
13. Gust
14. Blinding Light
15. Adaptive Strike (Strength)
16. Flamebreak
17. Primal Roar
18. Vacuum
19. Ghostship
20. Electric Vortex
21. Greater Bash
22. Black Hole
23. Flaming Lasso
24. Headshot
25. Power Cogs
26. Hookshot

All of these mainly move on a horizontal plane (not counting the slight lift from Greater Bash, Blinding Light and Flamebreak). It makes no sense for them to ignore Power Cogs, especially the first 9 spells, which can be abused easily against cogs.

Other spells which ignore Power Cogs are:
1. Toss
2. Walrus Punch
3. Leap
4. Pounce
5. Enchant Totem
6. Blast Off
7. Walrus Kick
8. Tree Dance
9. Primal Spring
10. Torrent
11. Telekinesis
12. Earth Spike
13. Impale
14. Burrowstrike
15. Ravage
16. Shield Crash

All of these have significant vertical movement, so at least here it makes sense that they can fly over the cogs.